Ombudsman for the Defence Forces

Ombudsman for the Defence Forces makes presentation to the Irish Women Lawyers Association

5 December 2009

The Ombudsman for the Defence Forces, Ms. Paulyn Marrinan Quinn S.C. spoke to members of the Irish Women Lawyers Association (The Irish Women Lawyers Association (http;// at their Conference: “Meeting the Challenges – New Ways of Doing Business”. The Ombudsman spoke about the practical application of the concept of Ombudsman and the contribution it plays in the spectrum of Alternative Dispute Resolution processes (ADRs). In the course of her presentation, the Ombudsman expressed her long held view that, in addition to being a powerful force for change, the success of Ombudsman systems in providing a user-friendly accessible means of resolving disputes had been an impetus to the development of ADR processes as a viable means of providing non-adversarial ways of resolving disputes. Ombudsman Schemes had served to bring credibility to extra-judicial dispute resolution processes as a means of providing access to justice.