Ombudsman for the Defence Forces

The Ombudsman for the Defence Forces launched a new Case Reports/Digest project.

14 December 2010

In December 2010, The Ombudsman for the Defence Forces launched a new Case Reports/Digest project.

The Ombudsman was pleased to bring to fruition a plan which had been underway for some time to develop a case reporting system which would facilitate the review and research of cases that had been adjudicated.

This new facility will assist the Ombudsman to monitor the implementation of undertakings that were given by The Minister for Defence and The Defence Forces to review and reform administrative processes and it will enhance the Ombudsman’s powers of oversight through the cross-referencing facility by subject matter and causes of complaint.

The new searchable Case Reports/Digest is a rich resource and tool, which captures all of the cases dealt with by the Ombudsman since the start-up of the Office in 2005.