Capacity Building and Ombudsman Institutions for the Armed Forces: Challenges and Opportunities.

26 July 2012


As the guest of The Geneva Centre for Democratic Control of Armed Forces (DCAF), the Ombudsman is due to speak  at a Seminar – Workshop -  ‘Capacity Building in Ombudsman Institutions for Armed Forces Personnel’.  

The workshop seeks to draw upon the diverse and wide-ranging experiences of the participants to:

  • Identify the needs and challenges faced by those states seeking to establish a Military Ombudsman institution.
  • Share the experiences and identify the good practices and lessons-learned among those who have recently set up Military Ombudsman institutions or similar bodies.
  • Identify avenues for cooperation and the sharing of good practices and lessons-learned between well-established and newer Military Ombudsman institutions. 

Having worked at the establishment and development of the Office of Ombudsman for The Defence Forces – Ireland, the Ombudsman has been invited to share her experience of Institutional Development at the Organizational Level and provide insights into the challenges and the necessary contributing factors.

The outcomes from this Workshop will inform a DCAF Working Paper on the subject.

For further information about the objectives ,see Attachment