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Profile of the Ombudsman

The President, Michael D. Higgins, on the recommendation of Government, appointed Mr. Justice Alan Mahon as Ombudsman for the Defence Forces with effect from 6th July 2018. The Ombudsman was selected following an open competition run by the Public Appointments Service. His appointment was renewed for a further 3 years from 6 July 2021.

Mr. Justice Mahon resides in Co. Dublin and is originally from Tullamore, Co. Offaly. He was called to the Bar in 1976, became a Senior Counsel in 1988 and was appointed a Circuit Court Judge in 2002. He chaired The Tribunal of Inquiry into Certain Planning Matters and Payments (the Mahon Tribunal) from 2003, and which was originally established in 1997.

In October 2014, Mr. Justice Mahon was appointed a Judge of the newly established Court of Appeal. His term as Ombudsman is due to expire on 5 July 2024.